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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

On Telemarketers

The telephone has been around for over a century. Many great minds have contributed to its invention, and in 1876 Alexander Graham Bell was awarded the patent for the electric telephone. The purpose of the telephone is obvious. We now have the ability to talk to people we know even when they are at a great distance.

The majority of people wish to talk to friends and family over the phone. Sometimes co-workers or mere acquaintances may also be called for various reasons. But nevertheless, most individuals tend to call people that they somehow know. Unfortunately, not everyone views the telephone the same way. There are those that make a living out of calling complete strangers. I am referring to the telemarketers.

Telemarketing is one of the greatest annoyances that has ever been created. I answer the phone to hear some douche on the other end trying to sell me something. And why do they all speak in a fake southern accent? Is that supposed to grab my interest? If you're a telemarketer, I'm hanging up. I don't care from what region of the world you hail. Yet even these fake accents are preferable to the calls where I hear a recording. I feel like I've been pranked by a machine.

The Do Not Call lists have made some headway in keeping the telemarketers in check. But they are still able to call if they are associated with one of your credit cards or your cell phone company. Why cell phones have to even be included on the Do Not Call list is beyond me. I never thought such people should be allowed to call a regular phone. Never mind a cell phone.

My main point is that telemarketers should be stopped. If you or I called a bunch of random strangers it would be considered a prank call and therefore illegal. Why are they able to do it? These people have no right to intrude on others in that way. In the real world, you advertise and then have the customers come to you. You don't chase random people down and try to convert them to customers.

So if you are a telemarketer, do me a favour and leave me the hell alone! In fact, do the world a favour and go kill yourself! Don't worry. No one will miss you. I promise.


At 9:06 PM , Blogger Gary said...

Another tidbit that I felt was a bit too esoteric to go in the actual rant:

I get a call every couple of months from one of my credit cards offering me "Account Guard." Supposedly, it pays your credit card when you can't (and then you pay it all back at an insanely high rate). It also costs some monthly fee that is charged to the credit card.

I always tell them "no." The telemarketer always tries to convince me by saying "But you get a free 30-day trial."

How is that supposed to work? The only thing the program does is pay when I can't. In order for me to actually see any effect from a free trial I would have to intentionally NOT pay my credit card bill. Whenever I point this out, they never know what to say. They simply repeat "But it's a free 30-day trial." Dumbasses!

At 10:34 PM , Blogger Ed said...

I am at the point where I do not pick up the phone if I do not recognize the number. I have had SEVERAL issues with friends and family because if I see call ID and do not recognize it, you're screwed.

also, you didn't address in your rant the bit about recordings, how there is a 20 second lull from you picking up the phone to them speaking . . . really? you call me for sh!t I do not want and I have to wait!?! WTF


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