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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Enjoy The Show!

Gone are the days where entertainment was nothing more than a group gathered around to hears stories or listen to a radio. In today's high tech world, people need a combination of visual and audio stimulation. We now go to the movies, watch clips on the internet, or occasionally go see a live performance.

Live entertainment is still very much appreciated. Whether the show is a play/musical, a comedy act, a variety act, or a concert, there are always people that will go to see others perform. As an audiophile, I am particularly fond of concerts. Live music is often far more entertaining than listening to an album. But there are many people that attend concerts and never enjoy the show.

In order to fully enjoy a concert, one must take in all of the visual effects, all of the bands' antics, the lighting, any videos being shown, and the sound of the music all at the same time. To sit and absorb all of this at once is what makes the concert experience so great. Unfortunately, we may now be too advanced for our own good.

Almost everyone's cell phone is now more like a miniature computer with various functions. One of the many functions offered on many phones is a video recorder. Now when everything is happening on stage, my view suddenly gets blocked. Rather than watching the concert, I wind up watching a whole bunch of arms held up in the air holding cell phones. These idiots decided to go to a live concert in order to watch a video of it instead! Why wouldn't they just rent a DVD?

Perhaps this shouldn't frustrate me so much, but I can't help it. I want to enjoy the show, and therefore I want to see the stage. And I want to see the stage through my own eyes, not through the small screen of some moron's phone. What is wrong with everyone? Do you really think that your cell phone video is going to capture the experience? If you do, you are sadly mistaken. Ironically, by trying to immortalize your concert experience, you miss out on the concert experience entirely!

If you are one of these people that says to yourself "I don't feel like watching the concert right now. I think I'll just watch it later on my cell phone," you need to seriously examine your logic. You have to understand that what you are doing makes zero sense. If you really want to enjoy the show, shut your cell phone off! Have you ever viewed your concert video and thought that it was great? I've seen the videos that people have taken many times. It is always low quality, and the audio is horrendous. So for the future, leave your cell phone alone. Just sit down, relax, and enjoy the show. I guarantee that it will be a far more rewarding concert experience than trying to capture everything on a crappy cell phone camera.

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