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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

On Text Messaging

In today's modern age, practically everybody has a cell phone. And even the most primitive cell phones around have some sort of text messaging feature. This feature is extremely useful when only a single sentence needs to be sent. When a question requiring only a one word answer needs to be asked, it is also good to use a text message. But can texting be taken too far? I not only believe that it can, I believe that it already has.

In my opinion, people have become so obsessed with texting that the cell phone is now rarely used as an actual phone. I know of many people that try to have entire conversations via text. For me, this simply doesn't work. After three back and forths, I call the person. The frustrating thing is that far too many people now completely avoid talking on the phone. These people don't even respond to a phone call, and simply let it go to voicemail. Yet a text message is answered anon. I don't get it.

Some people are so stupid that they try to text message and drive at the same time. When one of these idiots dies, I never feel bad. I just consider it social Darwinism. Those stupid genes will thankfully not be passed on. But here's the problem: it is not only the texting idiots that die. Innocent people in that moron's vicinity are also put in danger. So states had to come up with laws to prevent texting and driving. Unfortunately, people have become too stupid to realize that they can't both observe the road and the cell phone screen at the same time. Hence the laws.

Also in the world of text messaging retardation, we have those that text each other while being right next to each other!! Maybe this can be used if you don't want to convey the message to a third party that is present, but that is about it. If the person is next to you, then you should speak!

In summary, text messaging has gotten way too out of hand. Although everyone, including myself, uses texting as a form of communication, it is certainly not the only form of communication. Unless you have laryngitis, pick up a phone every now and then. Texting an entire conversation is just plain stupid. As is texting while driving and texting a person next to you. Be conservative with your text messages. Other forms of communication still exist.


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